“Zvi Finds His Soulmate: A Match Made in Heaven” – Learn how to use this Idiom

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Meaning of the Idiom and its use

Zvi always felt alone. He felt as if he would never find a partner, but then he met Zellah, a woman who is his equal in all ways. Zellah felt the same and one day she said to Zvi, “We are a match made in heaven.” 

The idiom “a match made in heaven” means that two people are perfect for each other in every way. And, a match made in heaven will have a blissful marriage.

Where does it come from? The idiom comes from a belief that divine forces had a hand in making two people compatible. Couples who are a match made in heaven might say, “Perhaps it was the angels who paired us up.” Sadly, the origin of the saying is unknown. 

To put it in practice, you may say, “My aunt and uncle are a match made in heaven,” or, “Look at that elderly couple, they are a match made in heaven.”

Examples of the Idiom Match Made in Heaven

1 The couple who lives beside our house is a match made in heaven, they enjoy each other’s company. 

2 Joe’s parents believe that they are a match made in heaven and he should ask her to marry him.

3 The neighborhood thought that Anna and Paul were a match made in heaven but they recently broke up. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: Is there a couple you consider a match made in heaven? Why or why not? 

Q3: A lot of people believe one day they will meet someone who will make them a match in heaven. What are your thoughts about this belief? 

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