You have wit – Get to know Abstract Nouns with easy examples

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Meaning of Abstract Nouns and their use

Abstract Nouns are things that can’t be held. They, often, are emotions, qualities, or characteristics such as “joy.”  

You can think of Abstract Nouns like this, they refer to things that you can’t experience with your five senses. Abstract Nouns can’t be seen, smelled, heard, tasted, or touched. 

Every language has Abstract Nouns. 

Abstract Noun Versus Adjective

What is the difference between an abstract noun and an adjective

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Note: Abstract Nouns are highlighted. 

For sentences with Abstract Nouns, Nouns aren’t conjugated with a ‘y‘ on the end or they become Adjectives. Typically, words that end in y are Adjectives. For example, “wit” is an Abstract Noun and “witty” is an Adjective. There are plenty of other suffixes that are used to make Adjectives as well which include such letter groupings as ly, ous and etc. 

To clarify, the sentence “You are witty” contains an Adjective at the end. However, “You have wit” ends with an Abstract Noun. 

Other examples include sentences like “Vivian is really into Mexican culture,” and “Activism is a way of life.” 

Examples of Abstract Nouns

  1. Sometimes curiosity can put you in danger. 

2. Martin didn’t waste the opportunity to see her again. 

3. The queen’s beauty was incomparable across all kingdoms. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Give an example of an abstract noun and use it in a sentence. 

Q2: When was the last time you felt satisfaction? Explain. 

Q3: How do you deal with failure? 

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