Top 10 Ways To Improve Writing Skills In English

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Writing in English can be both a desire and a want too. In a fast-paced world, just having technical skills is no longer enough. If you need to be competitive and be able to go beyond your limitations, writing in English is an essential skill to master over. There are many reasons why you must consider practicing your English writing skills over Spoken English.

7 Important reasons for writing in English

Writing Skill has been widely considered as an essential skill to master be it by students or professionals, or in learning English as a Second Language (ESL) as it is a skill that helps perfect vocabulary, grammar, present ideas, thoughts, or edit, revise, etc. It is a skill globally recognized and widely incorporated in all our communications done internationally. Here are a few reasons why you must consider enhancing your English writing skills:

1. Email writing

We all have email addresses. Emailing has been an important mode of communication on the internet for decades. Being able to write is important for you to be able to express your thoughts in a manner that can be understood clearly by the reader. It helps you apply for jobs or in making friends, write to family, and apply for a university. Not being able to write well in English can be a hindrance to any of these activities. Both formal and informal emails will always require clear writing.

2. Letter Writing

Letter writing has always been the need of the hour when it comes to connecting with someone far from you, with the world shifting to writing a letter online, be it personal or business letters, enhanced writing skills are the only skill that would help you at letter writing. As opposed to talking on the phone, letter writing is more advanced that would require you to think and express your thoughts with clarity.

3. Paragraph writing

Good writing skills are the handiest skill a student must possess.  Every student as they level up has to write in English during the days of educating themselves, be it in school as a summary writing, paragraph writing, essays, or even precis writing. A student in a college or a university would need to work on a thesis, articles, or writing research papers. Writing skills is one of the most important skills that is tested time and again in almost all exams a student undergoes.

4.Diary Writing

Let’s consider our love for writing personal diaries. We all love to write aimlessly about ourselves, how would we do that with poor writing skills? It is a hindrance with a lot of times when one is unable to express their exact thoughts in writing, we tend to give up on the desire to write. Practicing our writing skills is crucial to expressing our thoughts.

5. Writing blogs/Journals

Every blogger is not someone who has done their master in the English language, they are common people like you and me who know how to express their thoughts in a way that the reader can understand. Writing is the only skill that they master.

6. Applying to a University

Applying to the most desired university is no longer simple. Other than undergoing tests and exams, being able to write a resume, along with a covering letter is crucial. Correct grammar, punctuations, spellings are the key in written communications. It is easier to form a good impression through writing than by talking.

7. Applying for the perfect Job/ Getting more clients

At one time or the other, most of us need to write a job application or reply to an email sent by a client if we already are well placed. Having a great conversation with an interviewer or a client, but not being able to send a well-drafted email, would undo all the efforts and set a poor impression in the client’s mind. Spoken English is necessary, but considering most of your continuous conversations are being written, mastering written skills is equally important to spoken English.

Top 10 ways to improve writing skills in English

Now that we know how crucial writing skills are as a form of communication. Here are the top 10 ways to improve your writing skills.

1. Write daily to become better

For a beginner, it can be hard to understand where to get started in improving writing skills. Writing enhancement can be tricky unless and until you practice it regularly. When it comes to writing you must be practicing it daily. Start small, practice writing a paragraph or answer emails every day.

2. Consider the reader’s mindset while writing

Writing in a language your reader can understand is important. Know what is relevant and interesting, stick to the topic you wish to write on. Being clear on your thoughts is one way of writing it too. Make your writing easy to understand and avoid using fillers.

3. Make an outline before you start

Writing in any form, be it a formal email, letter writing, or even writing an essay or a blog on any topic, needs to be systematic. A professional writer would always work on an outline first, before starting to write. That helps one to stay focussed on the topic and write crisply. Always work on the topic, title, and key points you wish to include in your writing.

4. Write the way you think

It is good to read what others write but copy-pasting what others write is plagiarism, that is a poor show of your writing skills. Be original! Write all that comes to your mind, edit it later, but write what you can think of and not what others thought of.

5. Keep it simple and clear

We all love our writings to be superior in quality and have love to show our knowledge in English by the vocabulary we use in our writings. Consider reading an article with words that you hardly understand, you would soon lose interest in reading it. That’s how your readers would react to your writing if all that you use is complex vocabulary. Good writing is not a usage of difficult vocabulary only, it is all about how it manages to have readers enjoy reading what you write. Keep it simple, and allow your readers to enjoy what you write!

6. Brush up on the basics

Even fluent writers in English love brushing up their knowledge of Basic English grammar. Sentence structure, rules of using the right grammar, and punctuation is a great way to brush up on the basics of writing. Click here to know more about sentence structure and basic grammar rules. 

7. Use an editing tool

It is great to have a professional tool to check what you write. Most text editors, word processors like google, Microsoft word have a built-in proofing tool that helps to correct basic spelling and grammar. However these tools are not perfect, they fail to highlight many errors and mistakes, teaching you very little on how to eliminate grammar errors.

Grammarly and Hemingway are the most popular professional tools used by almost everyone writing on the internet. They are online editors that can help you improve your writing by identifying specific writing errors, suggesting corrections, and showing different and better ways of framing the same sentence. This helps in understanding different ways of framing your ideas in a written format.

8. Find a writing partner

Practicing your writing skills all by yourself can be a daunting task when you are not sure of the mistakes you make. Having a writing partner in such a case would be a boon to beginners who wish to learn writing. Chatting apps/ Online learning apps that connect you to live teachers is a great way to practice writing as you chat. Eigooo is one such online platform that allows you to chat on any topic with teachers, improving your writing skills with the teachers correcting your errors as you chat with them.

9. Do a final read-through

After writing, even with the editing apps checking for errors, it is recommended you read out what you wrote loud enough as the final test. Some things can be grammatically correct but sound unnatural to the ears. If any part of your writing sounds weird while reading out loud, you could rephrase it for better clarity.

10. Create Templates

If you find yourself writing a similar document repeatedly, such as replying in a set format to business emails or applying to too many universities, it is best to create a template for that document, that would save time and increase efficiency every time you write it. Email templates are widely used and serve as a huge time saver for entrepreneurs who use them.

Conclusion: Master your Writing skills in English

There is always room for improvement when it comes to mastering writing skills. If you are a non-native English speaker, it is best to use a professional editing tool that has your back when it comes to writing. Any investment there is a great investment to learning and for a better future.

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