Practice writing in English- Top 10 tips for beginners!

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Writing in English is an incredible skill one can possess. It feels super powerful if you can write well in English. With our writing, we can convince, persuade or even bring business to our organization. Having said that, it could be a challenge for beginners to write perfectly in English. I would share the top 10 tips and tricks for beginners to be able to write as perfectly as a native writer in English.

Why is Writing in English so important?

English writing skills are obviously important for beginners. We all look for English lessons for beginners or search for classes or lessons to learn writing. Be it writing in English for article writing, writing a speech,  Letter writing, Diary writing, writing for exams as IELTS or TOEFL. For those of you who wish to study abroad or apply for that dream job, your writing skill makes you stand out from the rest. Writing is the first thing that your future employer sees about you, be it through your CV or the cover letter you attach along with it. Writing is a skill that cannot be ignored. Whatever the reason, you probably need to improve your English Writing Skills.

Top 10 tips to follow as a beginner in English writing

Now that you know the importance of writing in English. what can you do to improve in writing? Practicing in English is a surefire way to improve your English writing skills. Here I share the top 10 English writing tips for beginners to help you improve your writing! 📝⚡️

So let’s get started!

1. Start short and simple

Writing can be a herculean task if you are a beginner. Start small, you don’t always have to write many paragraphs in one go. It can be as small as a single paragraph of 5-7 lines. This needs to be set by you, something that you can achieve. This is so that you can bring your English writing practice into your day’s routine every single day. Write small, try responding to all those text messages in English, or challenge yourself to write a Facebook post in English every time you do so.

2. Translate short emails

Start practicing your English skills by translating everything you see into your native language. Try to translate that text message you see in your language to English, you do not really have to send it to anyone, just practice it. Use the editing tool of Grammarly to correct your sentences, or share them with teachers online on Eigooo, who are there for a text chat. Spend an extra 10 minutes before you log out for the day to translate an email into English. Take baby steps to learn.

3. Write a diary/daily Journal

Writing a daily journal is a great way to bring English writing practice into your daily life. Write down what you are grateful for, or something new you learned that day, or what you did for the day. Penning your thoughts is a great way to feel empowered. No one has to read what you write. This is just for you! Never underestimate the power of writing short pieces every day!

4. Do not use contractions, especially for academic writing

What are contractions? These are the short forms of words, such as do not becomes don’t, cannot becomes can’t, should not becomes shouldn’t. It is better to write out the word in full especially in academic or formal business writing. So instead of “don’t” use “do not”. Instead of “can’t” use “cannot”. 

5. Make Reading a practice

Make it a habit to read in English. That might sound weird on why would I advise reading as one of the tips to practice writing. Well, reading is a great way to get learn about different writing structures and formats that you can then use in your writing. You get to see ways different bloggers or writers would express themselves through their writing. Learn from them, do not copy them, though.

6. Plan your thoughts and Learn to Pre-write

Learning to pre-write or writing down a structure before you write the final piece will help you get a better writing piece than the one you wish to just write on. Make a draft or an outline of what you plan to write on. You could even list down a few sets of Vocabulary that you wish to use in your writing. The clarity in mind shows on the paper you write on.

7. Think in the language you are writing in

If you are writing in English, think in English. English has different grammar and sentence structures. Switch your mind over. It is not recommended to think in your language and then tries to translate it into English. As most of the time words in your language when translated in English might not fit as correctly in sentences as you presumed they would. Many words in your language might not mean the same in English. The translation is a terrible tool to use while practicing writing in English.

8. Make mistakes

Make mistakes and be cool with them. If you get too stern on yourself by trying to write perfectly on your very first try, you’re really not going to go far enough in learning to write perfectly! Moreover, mistakes are some of the best ways to learn and improve in English. Have someone review your writing for spelling or grammar errors.

9. Find a writing partner

Finding a writing partner is probably the best thing you can do to enhance your writing skills. Your writing partner should also be someone who is trying to improve their English writing skills as well. Someone who you can share with and rely on, you both agree to write, choose a date and then share what you write, that is a fun way to share thoughts. Having a writing partner is a good way to be disciplined in your writing, and as they are learning too. Moreover correcting their work is a great way to learn yourself. Use Penpals online to find a writing partner or check out for those who you know are learning English writing too.

10. Review what you write

Accuracy is very important to what you write, especially if you are writing what others could read, such as the Facebook post you published, the emails you send, or even essays. Hence Grammar and choice of words are very important when you write. Finding someone who could review what you write and give you ways of improving it is obviously very helpful.

Practice Writing with Teachers online on Eigooo!

Eigooo is an online English learning app that has been around since 2013 and offers English learners the opportunity to write in English, attempt grammar exercises, and study English grammar with a real teacher. Eigooo is supported on iPhone, Android, and desktop, which allows the user to log into the app or website and connect to a teacher immediately. It is a 24-hour service with teachers from around the world.

The focus of Eigooo is to create a relaxed space where users are able to learn at their own pace, so there is no fixed curriculum for the user to follow. Instead, users can opt for a normal chat related to everyday topics, or pick one of the grammar challenges which are inbuilt into the app. 

Review of the 10 Tips to improve English writing skills as discussed above.

Here is a simplified list of the top 10 tips to improve your writing skills explained in this post. You can use it as a quick reference when you are in doubt.

  1. Write short and simple, avoid using too many words repetitively.
  2. Practice writing by translating short emails or anything that you see written in your native language.
  3. Practice writing a journal daily
  4. Do not use contractions while writing formally.
  5. Making reading a daily habit in order to increase your vocabulary count and understand how to express thoughts and ideas. 
  6. Plan your thoughts, and always structure or pre-write. Make a rough draft of what you wish to write.
  7. Think in the language you wish to write in. Do not think in your native language if you are writing in English. Avoid translation tools.
  8. Do not shy away from making mistakes.
  9. Find a writing partner, someone who is learning to write too.
  10. Review your work using editing tools or find a teacher online who would correct your work and help you learn from your mistakes.

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