The Possessive Adjective “his” and “her”

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He plays surf rock on his guitar

The words “his” and “hers” are the most used gender-specific Possessive Adjectives. They are the only ones.

These Adjectives show ownership, but unlike the word “my,” another Possessive Adjective, they also reveal the gender of the person spoken of. 

“his” = male

“her” = female

And so, 

“his guitar” belongs to a male. 

But, “her guitar” belongs to a female. 

For instance, you may hear a native English speaker using the Possessive Adjective “his” like so:

“He likes to play surf rock on his guitar.” 

By saying this, the speaker is telling the listener that a man likes to use his guitar to perform in the surf rock genre (style of music).

A bit of grammar

How do we use the possessive adjectives his and hers in a sentence?

Using the Possessive Adjectives “his” and “her” is simple! These Adjectives always precede a Noun. Here are a few simple examples of the Possessive Adjective “her”: 

“Are those her books?” 

“This is her bass guitar.” 

“That is her soup!” 

When it comes to using the Possessive Adjective like “his” and “her” in a full sentence, it’s a cinch!

Examples of Possessive Adjective his and hers

Carmen finally found her wallet after a couple of minutes. 

Tom is playing in his room with his mother. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: Using “his/her,” tell me something about your brother/sister’s hobbies. 

Q3: What is your father’s favorite past-time activity? 

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