Subordinate Conjunction: Using because with easy examples

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Use of Subordinate Conjunction Because and its meaning

Davie drives a motorcycle because he likes to feel the wind in his hair.

There’s a lot that could be said about Davie. Davie drives a motorcycle because he likes to feel the wind in his hair. He likes to feel reckless and free. Davie drives, but he’s going nowhere. 

The Subordinate Conjunction “because” demonstrates a cause-and-effect relationship between a dependent or subordinate clause. And, the word “because” acts as the sentence’s why. 

There’s a sentence with a Subordinate Conjunction in the first paragraph, it’s: 

“Davie drives a motorcycle because he likes to feel the wind in his hair.”

The independent clause is: 

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“Davie drives a motorcycle.” 

It’s a complete thought. The dependent or subordinate clause is: 

“Because he likes to feel the wind in his hair.” 

On its own, a clause that starts with “because” is incomplete. Yet, it shows a causal relationship between riding a motorcycle and wind in his hair. Riding on a motorcycle without a helmet, something I wouldn’t recommend, causes the rider’s hair to become tousled (look untidy) in the wind. 

“Because” may also appear at the beginning of Subordinate Conjunctions. For example, the same idea may be written out as: 

“Because Davie likes to feel the wind in his hair, he drives a motorcycle.”

In doing this, the order of the independent and dependent clauses has flipped, but the meaning remains the same. 

Examples of the Subordinate Conjunction Because

  1. Bai Rong stayed at home because it was raining all day. 

2. Because he is late, his boss is angry. 

3. We will not attend the party because we need to study for the test. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: Why are you studying English? 

Q3: What do you think is the usual cause of disappointments? Explain. 

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