Simple Present Tense- (Present Indefinite tense) Meaning, examples with exercises.

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Meaning of Simple present/present simple tense

The simple present tense is a verb tense that speaks of an action that is happening at present or right now. It also refers to an action that happens regularly and is continuous, hence it is also called present indefinite.

Simple present tense examples

Base FormPresent Tense FormExample Sentences
PlayPlaysShe plays the piano every day.
TakeTakesHe takes the bus for school.
TravelTravelsJack travels every summer to Switzerland.
WriteWritesShe writes her journal every night.
GoGoesJill goes to school every day.
EatEatsShe eats salad for lunch.
WorkWorksShe works as a banker.
FlyFliesShe flies to Sydney every year around this time.
UseUsesHe uses the latest gadgets.

We usually use the present simple tense to express the following ideas

  • Use simple present tense to express or speak of any Habit or a custom, which is repeated very often.

For example, He plays football every day.

  • To speak of future plans/ timetables.

For example, She walks every morning. He goes for a jog every night.

  • To state facts or general truths.

For example, she hates liars. He admires honesty.

  • To tell jokes and stories or to report sporting events in real-time.

For example, John makes fun of Jill’s nasal accent. Rio passes the ball to Shane for a goal.

Let’s practice:

  1. Make a tense using the simple present tense.
  2. Fill in the simple present tense in the following blanks by choosing the right word from the brackets.
  • She __________draws (Like/Likes/liked)
  • She __________melodiously at the concert (sings/sang/will sing)
  • He ___________to the market every afternoon (go/goes/will go)

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