Simple future tense- meaning, examples with exercises

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What is the simple future tense?

The simple future tense/future indefinite tense is to indicates an action or condition that will begin and end in the future. It refers to an action that hasn’t happened as yet. It refers to a thought or an action that you plan to do or could occur later than now.

Simple future tense examples

  • I will go to school tomorrow
  • She will visit China next year
  • The team will play in Argentina
  • She will go to meet her mother this weekend

We usually use the present future tense to express the following ideas:

  • The simple future tense is used to predict a future occurrence. For example, “It will be sunny tomorrow.”
  • To express a spontaneous decision. For example, “We’ll pay using our credit card.”
  • To express willingness/ unwillingness towards an action. For example, “I’ll clean up for you. I’ll never be dishonest.”
  • To make a suggestion for future action. For example, “Shall we go to a movie tonight?”
  • To give an invitation to a future event. (usually in the interrogative form). For example, “Will you join me for the class tomorrow?”

Let’s practice:

  1. Make a sentence using the simple future tense.
  2. Fill in the simple future tense in the following blanks by choosing the right word from the brackets.
  • She __________ to draw (will like/Likes/liked)
  • She __________melodiously at the concert (sings/sang/will sing)
  • He ___________to the market in the evening (go/went/will go)

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