Preposition of time: Until – Uses and Examples

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Prepositions of Time are short words like “in”, “an” and “at.” These little words form a bridge between Verbs and Nouns. Here’s an example: 

“I —> work at noon.”

The Preposition of Time “at” connects the Verb to the Noun and makes the sentence meaningful. 

In addition to binding grammatical structures, Prepositions of Time inform the listener as to when and how long an action takes place. 

For instance, “until,” the focus of today’s lesson, describes a definite or indefinite point in time when an action or event ends.  

Here’s an example:

“We can’t enter our house until we get the key.” 

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By saying this, the speaker is informing the listener that they are barred from opening the door unless the key is located. And, the period of time that the word “until” describes began when “the key” was lost and will end when it’s found. 

A little about syntax

Our example contains one simple sentence, linguistically speaking. However, it may be transformed into a complex sentence, one that contains an independent and dependent clause easily. Let’s look at a diagram for the sentence:

“Until we get the key, we can’t enter our house.” 

Examples of the Preposition until

The store will be closed until next week. 

Roger had to wait until he was 18 to get a driver’s license. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: How many hours do you have to wait until your next meal?

Q3: Do you feel it’s Okay to avoid talking to someone who has hurt you until he/she apologizes? Why or why not? 

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