Preposition of time: Since -Uses and Examples

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In general, Prepositions demonstrate direction, time, place, location, and spatial relationships. These short words have a variety of uses and fall into different categories. 

Despite being varied in use, Prepositions, in regards to grammar, most often precede a Noun. And typically, their usage falls into this pattern: Verb, Preposition, Noun. For example: 

In the above example, our Preposition is “at.” This simple sentence shows the typical relationship between Prepositions and Nouns. 

Today, our lesson is about the Preposition of Time “since.”

The word “since” describes a period of time beginning in the past and continuing to the present. It’s used in sentences like “I haven’t eaten since breakfast.” It is a declarative statement informing the listener that the speaker last ate at breakfast. Again, the grammatical pattern is Verb, Preposition, Noun. 

A narrative

How can I place the preposition of time since in a paragraph?

Since I was a child, I wanted to learn English. Nowadays, I study daily and my vocabulary is ever-growing. Recently my teacher said, “Ari, you are the fastest learner in your grade.” I left school filled with pride that day. Now, I feel more confident and will find more ways to communicate with native English speakers. Since I was a kid, I wanted to learn English. 

Examples of the preposition of time since

Dad has been my best friend since childhood. 

Apple has released at least 20 iPhones since 2007.

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: What are some ways life has changed since your childhood? 

Q3: How has your life been since the beginning of this year?

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