Correct use of the place preposition “in” in a full sentence

The place preposition “in” is used to describe something that’s inside of something else. For example, he is in the house. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that the man, “he,” is surrounded by (in) the house. 

Another example, the cat is in the hat. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that the cat is inside the hat. 


Correct use of the article “the” in a full sentence

The article “the” is used before any singular or plural uncounted noun with a known identity. 

For example, I like the car. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that you’re speaking of a specific car. 

Additionally, you could say, I like the car that is automatic. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that you’re speaking about a specific automatic car.

Remember, by adding an ‘s’ to the end of a noun, the noun becomes plural.


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Color Idioms: A Rainbow with Words

Native speakers often use idioms in conversation, and thus being familiar with idioms would allow learners of English to understand conversations in depth.

An idiom is a way of saying something in a more fancy way! An idiom is an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but that has a separate meaning of its own. Confused ? Take the example “It’s raining cats and dogs” – this is an idiom which means it is raining very heavily, and not that cats and dogs are actually falling from the sky!

Idioms are easier to learn and remember if we put them into groups. Let us look at a few examples from one such group that we could call color idioms!

Idioms With the Color Pink


Tickled pink


Greatly pleased


  • Mary was tickled pink when she got the best student award!

Pink slip


A notice of dismissal from one’s job


  • He has to look for a new job, he got a pink slip from his boss today.

In the pink


Healthy, in very good condition


  • Susan had a minor surgery a few days ago, but is in the pink now!

Idioms With The Color Red


Caught red-handed


Found in the very act of a crime


  • He was caught red-handed stealing money from my purse!

Red-carpet treatment


The kind of courtesy given to persons of high position or station


  • When the CEO visited the branch office, he was given red-carpet treatment.

See red


Become very angry


  • Whenever I see someone mistreating animals, I see red!

Idioms With The Color White


White collar worker


non-manual worker


  • He looked like a white collar worker doing a regular 9-to-5 job.

As white as a sheet


Very pale as a result of fear or shock


  • She turned as white as a sheet when she found that all the money in her bank account was stolen by some hacker!

A white elephant


A possession that is useless and often expensive to maintain


  • My uncle gave me his old Rolls Royce, but it turned out to be a white elephant, too expensive to maintain!

Other Idioms With Color

There are many such idioms with colors like yellow, black, green, silver, etc. Search for a few so that you can discuss them with the teachers at Eigooo!

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Abstract Nouns and Collective Nouns

Remember that Nouns are words referring to people, animals, places, things, or ideas.

Every noun has different types.

How can we identify the type of a Noun?

Few types of Nouns are:
Abstract Noun, Collective Noun, etc

Abstract Nouns

Any ideas, emotions, and other “things” you can’t physically see, taste,
hear, smell, or touch is called Abstract Noun.

Collective Nouns

Any number of people or
things or groups and collections are known as Collective Noun.


Abstract nouns:

  • Failure seems to come to those who give up easily.
  • He has too much love for photography.
  • He received a warning letter for his misbehavior.

Collective nouns:

  • I train the class full of smart people.
  • There are 12 face cards in a pack of 52 cards.
  • Our team plays best when they are motivated.

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