Correct use of the place preposition “in” in a full sentence

The place preposition “in” is used to describe something that’s inside of something else. For example, he is in the house. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that the man, “he,” is surrounded by (in) the house. 

Another example, the cat is in the hat. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that the cat is inside the hat. 


Correct use of the article “the” in a full sentence

The article “the” is used before any singular or plural uncounted noun with a known identity. 

For example, I like the car. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that you’re speaking of a specific car. 

Additionally, you could say, I like the car that is automatic. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that you’re speaking about a specific automatic car.

Remember, by adding an ‘s’ to the end of a noun, the noun becomes plural.


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Teacher Position:

We are looking for online English teachers to motivate and help our users improve their conversational English through text chat.

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Personal Qualities of a Teacher:

    • Positive, friendly & outgoing.
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Product Marketer:

We are looking for a product marketer who will help us achieve the goal of creating happy, successful users.

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    • Past experience in digital marketing or product marketing.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to present complex ideas in a simplified and interesting manner.

How to apply:

If you can fulfill the responsibilities and requirements of the profile, please send us your CV at


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