“Look After Yourself” – Learn the Phrasal Verb easily, with examples

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Meaning of the Phrasal Verb and its use

Phrasal Verbs are much like idioms; their meaning isn’t clear at first. However, it’s easier to get their meaning through context. 

The Phrasal Verb “look after” according to the Oxford dictionary means to care for something or someone. For example, you may hear a native English speaker say:

“Look after yourself.”

By saying this, the speaker is telling the listener to take care of him or herself. 

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A Bit of Grammar

This Phrasal Verb “look after” is especially used in British English.

Some examples include:

  • “Don’t worry about me. I will look after myself.”
  • “Who will look after your children while you’re away?”
  • “I’m looking after Mr. Lee’s prized horse while he’s on vacation.

Phrasal Verbs usually contain a Verb and an Adverb or a Preposition. For example, “look after” contains the Verb “look” and the Adverb “after.” This is the usual word order for these devices. 

Yet, there’s something unusual about the Phrasal Verbs, they can be found in both the Subject and Object of sentences. For example, both “Look after my dog” and “I hope you intend to look after the dog” are correct. 

Examples of the Phrasal Verb – Look After

  • You need to look after the kids when I’m not around. 
  • Henry will look after his father until he recovers. 
  • I get paid $200 a week to look after their son. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: Do you like looking after children? Why or why not? 

Q3: Are you currently looking after some pets at home? Why or why not? 

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