Know the Possessive Adjective “my”

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My English lessons are fun

The word “my” is a very common Possessive Adjective. And simply, the Adjective “my” is used to show ownership over objects and thoughts. 

For example, you may hear a native English speaker use the possessive adjective “my” in a sentence like this:

“My English lessons are fun.” 

By saying this, the speaker is telling the listener that they enjoy the class. They may even enjoy learning about Adjectives. 

A bit on grammar 

How to use the possessive adjective “my” in a full sentence? Using the Possessive Adjective “my” is easy! There’s not even the need for a complex graph to explain it. The Possessive Adjective “my” always precedes a Noun. Here are a few simple examples of the Possessive Adjective “my” in action:

“That’s my cat.” 

“Those are my socks.” 

“This was my house.” 

To put it in a visual, the grammatical pattern is Demonstrative, Being Verb, the Possessive Adjective “my” and a Noun. 

Examples of Possessive Adjective my

My father was born in Dallas, Texas. 

I will go to the Salon tomorrow to cut my hair. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: Using “my,” describe how your family spends the weekend. 

Q3: What are your favorite types of food? Why do you like it?

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