Know the Idiom: Throw a Party with examples

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Let’s Throw a Party

Typically, the word “throw” means to propel (something) with force through the air by a movement of the arm and hand, according to the Oxford Dictionary. However, throwing a party has nothing to do with tossing objects (unless you attend a Greek wedding where dishes are thrown, but this is a story for another time). Throwing a party means hosting an event. 

All in all, the idiom “throw a party” is easy to use, you may simply say: 

“Let’s throw a party.”

By saying this, you are communicating the idea that you’d like to host an event. Moreover, you can say:

“They want to throw a party.”

By doing so, you are changing the subject to a third person. 

You could even be more specific and say: 

“Amy wants to throw a party.” 

Getting more specific, you could say: 

“Amy wants to throw a party for Qi.” 

Specific language helps the listener to understand the message. If you think about it, when you speak, you are like a radio transmitter and along the way to the receiver, the message may become distorted. To be better understood, it’s advisable to be specific in your language. For example: 

“Amy wants to throw a winter solstice party for her small group of friends”

communicates a complete idea so has less chances of becoming distorted. 

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Examples of the idiom throw a party

  • The company will throw a party to celebrate the 25th foundation day. 
  • The Yamamoto family is really great at throwing grand parties. 
  • You have to organize a lot of things when you want to throw a party. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: What are some of the things you need to throw a successful party? 

Q3: Do you like throwing parties? Why or why not? 

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