The Adverb: Why- The right way of using it in sentences with examples.

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Know the Adverb: Why

We are talking about “why” as an Adverb. However, “why” may be used as a Conjunction, Interjection, or Noun. 

“Why” is one of our ‘wh’-words and the ‘h‘ is silent. It’s pronounced /waɪ/ if you’re familiar with the phonetic alphabet. 

“Why” is defined thusly: 

For what cause, reason, or purpose did you do it? 

At least for our purpose. As a Noun or Conjunction, the definition slightly varies. 

This is how “why” functions as an Adverb.

Why Do You Listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll? 

You may be asked:

“Why do you like Rock ‘n’ Roll?” 

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And you may reply by speaking of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s history, the way in which it brings together the rhythms of Africa with the chord structures of Europe. You may speak of the use of harmonic vocals or the lyrics. You may even reply by saying:

“I don’t like Rock ‘n’ Roll.” 

Some people prefer Classical or Ethnic Music. I enjoy a wide range of music, Punk Rock, World, Classical, Alternative, etc. My favorite musical genre isn’t Rock ‘n’ Roll, it’s the film music of Bollywood. 

Examples of the Adverb Why

  • Why do you like spicy food?  
  • Why is Thomas resigning? 
  • Why would you do that to him? 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try and make your own sentence.

Q2: Create a question using “why” that is related to telling the truth. 

Q3: Why do we make wrong decisions when all information is visible to everyone? 

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