Know Subordinate Conjunction Since with an example

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“Since” is a conjunction that means: from a time in the past until the time under consideration, typically the present

According to the Oxford dictionary,

when “since” is used as a conjunction, it joins the main clause (independent)  with a subordinate (dependent) clause. For example:

“Beth has been given awards twice since she joined the team.” 

In the above sentence, “Beth has been given awards twice” is the independent clause. It can exist on its own. And, “since she joined the team” is the dependent clause. 

Another example might be: 

“I’ll go and see a film since there’s nothing else to do.” 

For me, and perhaps you too, going to the movies is reserved for rainy days. 

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A bit of Grammar

As a general rule,  subordinating conjunctions do not use a comma. However, an exception occurs when subordinate clauses express contrast or if the independent clause contains a negative verb, you need a comma. 

For example, you may need to write a sentence like: 

He couldn’t go to the concert, since he was needed at the office.

Due to the negative “couldn’t” in the independent clause, a comma is used before the conjunction. 

Examples of the Subordinate Conjunction Since

  • Since she started medication, Edgar’s mother has shown improvement. 
  • She’d been in a very grumpy mood since she got up.
  • I’ve been trying to look for you since you left university. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: Have you seen improvement in your city/town since you were born? Explain your answer. 

Q3: How long has it been since you last cried? Share your answer. 

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