Know about Phrasal Verb: Look Ahead

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Look ahead to a bright new future 

In general, Phrasal Verbs contain a Verb along with an Adverb or Preposition.

Taking a closer look, in Phrasal Verbs, the Verb acts as the head of the expression. For example: 

“Look ahead”

“Look down”

“Look out” 

all have the Verb “look” as the head of the Phrase. And, the Verb “look” is followed by a Preposition or Adverb. However, almost any Verb may be used to create a Phrasal Verb. 

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So what does it mean?

If you “look ahead,” you ponder what will happen in the future, even making plans for future outcomes. For example, you may hear a native English speaker say: 

I’m trying to look ahead at what might happen, so I will be ready to handle it.”

By saying this, the speaker is telling the listener that they are thinking about their actions and considering future outcomes. 

A bit about grammar

What are the rules for using Phrasal Verbs?

It’s important to know that Phrasal Verbs often precede something else.  For example, “look ahead,” today’s expression is often followed by the Coordinating conjunction “and.”

Here’re some examples: 

“Look ahead and make plans for the future.”

“Look ahead to a brighter future. 

In both examples, the speaker is speaking of the future. Something the speaker is looking ahead to. Notices the use of “and” and “to” in the above sentences. In the above examples, “look ahead” is followed by the Coordinating Conjunction “and” + a Verb or the Preposition “to” plus a Noun.

Examples of the Phrasal Verb “look ahead”

Our company isn’t doing well, we need to look ahead and see what our options are. 

Dean told his sister to look ahead and think about her career.

If we do not look ahead, we are setting ourselves to fail. 

​ Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: Is looking ahead a good quality of a person? Why or why not? 

Q3: Do you always look ahead before making a decision? Explain your answer.

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