Know about Intensifier: Enough

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There’s enough love to go around

The Intensifier “enough” expresses that there’s the right amount of something. When there’s enough, there’s not too much and not too little.

For instance, you’re at a cafe and a waitress says to you,

“Is there enough cream in your coffee?” 

She isn’t asking if there is cream in your coffee, she knows there is. The waitress wants to know if there is the right amount of cream in your coffee. The Intensifier “enough” seeks to find out if something is just right. 

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With this in mind, you may hear a native speaker saying: 

“There’s enough love to go around.” 

By using the Intensifier “enough,” the speaker is telling the listener that people are good by nature. 

 A bit of grammar 

How can I construct sentences with the Intensifier “enough”?

Let’s look at a syntax tree where ‘S’ means a sentence, ‘NP’ means a Noun Phrase and ‘VP’ means a Verb Phrase.

By doing so, we can see the relationship between the Intensifier and Noun, for today’s example. In many ways, the Intensifier “enough” acts as an Adjective. Yet, an Adjective still may be added to sentences that use the Intensifier “enough.”  Here’s an example: 

Example of the Intensifier: Enough

– This room is not big enough for the two of us. 

– Daniel was able to get enough sleep last night.

– His clothes are red enough to see him from a distance. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence.

Q2: Using “enough”, tell something about the food you ate today. 

Q3: Describe what happens if we do not acquire enough sleep before going to work/school?

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