Is/Are there – Interrogative sentences

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There are many ways to ask a question. Often, interrogative sentences begin with “do,” “how many,” or “when.” But, “is there” and “are there” are commonplace as well. 

Simply, sentences containing “is there” and “are there” are used to inquire if something exists. For example, you may hear a native English speaker saying “Is there any rice left?” By saying this, the speaker is asking the listener if there is rice remaining in the bowl. 

As usual, “are” is used for plural Nouns, typically Nouns that end with an s. Here’s an example, “Are there any chopsticks in the dish dryer?” By saying this, the speaker is asking the listener if there are clean chopsticks on the drying rack. 

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Constructing a sentence with is/are there

How to make a sentence containing is/are and there? These interrogative sentences are incredibly simple to construct. Let’s look at the sentence below.

Is there rice left in the bowl?

Is (Being Verb) there (Determiner), rice (Noun), left (Verb), in (Preposition) the (Definite Article) bowl (Noun).

Examples of Is/Are there

Are there any restaurants in your area? 

Is there a restaurant in your area?

Are there any places for entertainment in your area? 

Is there a place for entertainment in your area?

Let’s practice 

Q1: _____ there a dog in your house? 

Answer: Is

Q2: _____ there lions in the zoo? 

Answer: Are

Q3: Try making your own question.

Q4: Would you like to know if the restaurant by your house has your favorite food? How would you ask? 

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