Idioms with body parts: speak your mind

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Idioms are a fun way to express ourselves. These sayings add color and meaning to any conversation. 

We are continuing our discussion of idioms related to parts of the body. Recently, we explored the relationship between feet and bills through the idiom “foot the bill,” but today our phrase is “speak your mind.” 

Someone who speaks their mind is outspoken. Often, they are not very popular because they say things that offend others, their words may be hateful or blunt. 

For example, “people who speak their minds aren’t well-liked”. By saying this, the speaker is telling the listener that those who always reveal their true thoughts are disliked. You may also say “they tell it how it is,” both phrases possess the same meaning.

Using the idiom speak your mind

How can I use the idiom “speak your mind” in a full sentence?

Simply, including a Singular Noun and changing “speak” to the simple present “speaks” creates an informative and powerful sentence. Here’s an example: 

Malachi always speaks his mind.

By saying this, you are telling everyone that Malachi doesn’t hide his feelings regardless of the outcome, he tells it how it is. 

Examples of the idiom speak your mind

Joe is not popular because he speaks his mind.

You can make enemies when you speak your mind. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try and make your own sentence.

Q2: Do you generally speak your mind or are you cautious? Q3: Have you ever gotten in trouble for speaking your mind?

Q3: Have you ever gotten in trouble for speaking your mind?

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