Idioms with body parts: foot the bill

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Most languages have idioms, English and Chinese are well known for these cryptic yet meaningful word groupings. 

Most interestingly, idioms are groupings of words whose meaning can’t be deduced through logic; they are nonsensical. These phrases have evolved through use rather than the entries of lexicographers (individuals who decide which words go into the dictionary and what they mean). 

These compact phrases pack a lot of punch. They are heavy with regional connotations and whimsy. Indeed, these sayings make language fun!

Using the idiom foot the bill

How can I use the idiom foot the bill in a full sentence?

You may even encounter a native speaker using the idiom “foot the bill.” This saying, counter-intuitively, has nothing to do with feet. By saying this, the speaker is stating that they will pay the bill. For example, “William often dines with us, but he never foots the bill”. Simply, he never pays. 

An image representing the above statement

Moreover, the person who foots the bill pays the entire bill. The idiom is most often used with dining but can be applied to anything. 

Examples of the idiom foot the bill

Riley footed the bill as he had gotten a raise. 

Fran always has an excuse when it comes time to foot the bill. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try and make your own sentence.

Q2: Who foots the bill usually among your friends?

Q3: Should the man of the woman foot the bill on a date? Why? 

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