Idioms: Definition, meaning, and examples.

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Definition of an Idiom

Idioms are a group of words that signifies/ has a meaning together as a set phrase or is usually symbolic to an expression. It does not have a direct meaning of words individually used.

For example, the idiom, “See red” does not mean a person sees anything that is red in color, it is just symbolic to signify anger. This signifies that the person is very angry.

5 Popular Idioms with Examples

  1. Once in a blue moon: A rare occurrence. Example: My boss considers appraisals once in a blue moon.
  2. On cloud nine: To be ecstatic or joyful.  Example: I was on cloud nine with my promotion in hand.
  3. Hand in glove: To be closely associated with or in collaboration with someone for completing an action. Example: The team is working hand in glove with other departments to achieve company sales targets.
  4. Flesh and blood: Refers a relation or direct family members, to be directly related to another having the same DNA. Example: Shaina couldn’t punish her sons for their actions as they were her own flesh and blood
  5. Second hand: Not of original source, not new. Example: It is a wise idea to buy a renewed or a second-hand gadget if in a good condition.

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