Idiom: Spring is in the Air- Meaning with Examples

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Meaning of the Idiom- “Spring is in the air”

Many idioms were first penned by a famous writer or poet, but “spring is in the air” has no known author. Perhaps it came from ancient societies where planting and warmer weather were essential to their livelihood, but this is unknown. 

As an expression, “spring is in the air” means spring has arrived or is coming soon. In addition, the idiom conveys a feeling of optimism. To summarize the idiom, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the grass is growing and good things are on the horizon. 

The idiom was most notably used by Westlife,  an Irish boy band, in the song Seasons in the Sun. They use it as a farewell to the old, in an almost sorrowful way. 

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Here’s a dialogue that might help you understand the idiom “spring is in the air:” 

Mary: “I don’t think I did well on my exams.” 

Susan: “You’ll do better next time.” 

Mary: “I’m not too worried about it, and anyway, spring is in the air.” 

Notice how Mary uses the idiom to show a sense of optimism while telling the reader of the season. From reading this, we become aware that Mary, although it isn’t said, has an optimistic outlook as the season changes from winter to spring. 

Examples of the idiom “spring is in the air”

  • The sun shines bright today, I guess spring is in the air. 
  • Joe’s son is graduating next month, his family feels that spring is in the air. 
  • Spring is in the air, everyone is excited about the festival. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence using the Idiom “Spring is in the air.”. 

Q2: When was the last time you felt that spring is in the air? Did something really good happen? 

Q3: Who is the person in your life that makes you feel that spring is in the air? Explain. 

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