I look forward to receiving your email – Everything you need to know about this Phrasal Verb

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Meaning of Look Forward To as Phrasal Verb and its uses

The Phrasal Verb “look forward to,” like all other Phrasal Verbs we’ve covered, is idiomatic. Its meaning isn’t true in the dictionary. 

And by saying “I’m looking forward to receiving your email,” the speaker isn’t actually using their eyes to look at something in the future. The speaker is thrilled at the idea of receiving an email. 

Note: Every Germanic language has Phrasal Verbs. 

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A Bit of Grammar

What goes into a phrasal verb?

Typically, Phrasal Verbs consist of a Verb along with another element. 

This element may be an Adverb, Preposition, or combination of the two. For instance, “look down on” uses both, so does our example “look forward to.” In this case, “forward” becomes an Adverb, and “to” is always a Preposition. 

Examples of the Phrasal Verb look forward to

  1. I was looking forward to your response to my email. 
  2. Benjamin looks forward to meeting you next Sunday.
  3. We look forward to attending your album launch this week. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: Is there something that you’re looking forward to buying real soon? Share something about it. 

Q3: Do you believe having something to look forward to motivates people? Explain your answer. 

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