“Help me look for my marbles!”- Learn the Phrasal Verb easily

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Meaning of the Phrasal Verb and its use

The Phrasal Verb “look for” is one of those idiomatic sayings, the meaning is hard to get upon hearing. But, it simply means to search for something. And so for this blog, we’ll focus on the phrase “Help me look for my marbles!” It’s funny because lost marbles have a double meaning, it could refer to a lost set of small glass spheres used to play a game or losing one’s mind.

As for using “look for” in a sentence, often “look” becomes the Verb. And, the phrase follows normal verb conjugation. To make it past tense, add “ed” to the end of “look,” in the case that “look” follows a pronoun like “we.”

For example, you might say:
“We looked for my marbles.”

To write the sentence in past, present and future tense goes as so:

  • “We looked for my marbles.”
  • “We look for my marbles.”
  • “We will look for my marbles.”

“We” can be replaced with any other pronoun like “they.”

Examples of the phrasal verb look for

  1. Anthony left earlier to look for a job.
  2. I need to look for some missing ingredients for tonight’s dinner.
  3. When buying a second-hand car, you need to look for signs of repair.

Let’s practice

Q1: Try making your own sentence.
Q2: What do you look for in buying a gift for someone? Explain.
Q3: Why do you think people start looking for a new job when they leave their current company?

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