Gerunds after Prepositions

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Mowing the lawn is no fun

Interestingly, Gerund is pronounced JEH-ruhnd. It’s like GIF or Giraffe. I know there’s a debate about the pronunciation of GIF, but the creator, Steve Wilhite, says that it’s said with a soft j

Simply, a Gerund is a Noun acting as a Verb. A few examples include “going, hearing,” and “having.” We make a Gerund by adding ing to the end of a Verb. 

Gerunds may be alone or with other words to form a Gerund Phrase. Altogether, this phrase behaves like a single Noun.

Much like Nouns and Noun Phrases, Gerunds and Gerund Phrases can be found in the Object, Subject, or Predicate Nominative portions of a sentence (In regards to SVO). And so, Gerunds can act in any way an ordinary Noun can. 

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Examples of the Gerund

How can I use Gerunds in a full sentence?

I will color the Verb or Verb Group and underline the Noun for clarity.

I told my son I would pay him for mowing the lawn. But he said, “mowing the lawn is no fun.” After saying this, he still wanted $20.” 

In this example, we can see the many uses of the Gerund. In the above dialogue, the Gerund neatly fits into both the Subject and Object Clause of sentences. 

Examples of Gerunds

Before going home, he went to the supermarket to buy eggs. 

Ali started crying after hearing the good news.

We will celebrate her birthday by having dinner in a restaurant. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence.

Q2: What activities are you good at? How did you become good at them? 

Q3: Would you ever visit a place without knowing anything about it? Why or why not?

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