Free will – Use your free will to do good deeds– Everything you need to know about the idiom free will

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What do I need to know about the idiom free will

Free will is the power or capacity to act at your own pace or discretion.

And although many have debated over the true meaning of free will, it’s simply the ability to do what you like.

As you exercise free will, you can choose to do either good or evil deeds. For example, you may hear an English speaker say, “Use your free will to do good deeds.” The speaker is telling the listener to do no evil.

You may have seen the Japanese pictorial maxim “The Three Wise Monkeys?” These little guys use their “free will” to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. 

A Bit of Grammar

How do I form sentences with the idiom free will?

Most often, “free will” is used as a Noun. It can be placed either in the Subject or the Object. No matter, it becomes a sort of abstract thing.

In today’s sentence: “Use your free will to do good deeds,”

“free will” is in the object. It’s followed by the Infinitive “to do” and the Adjective + Object “good deeds.”

Examples of the idiom free will

  1. The prime suspect confessed the details of the crime of his own free will.
  2. Mom did not ask me to attend the event, I came of my own free will.
  3. Connie wants to start earning and do a job of her own free will.

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence.

Q2: What are your thoughts on giving children their own free will to learn?

Q3: How would you feel if you are not given free will? Explain your answer.

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