Free spirit – A listicle – Everything you need to know about this idiom

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Meaning of the idiom free spirit and its uses

A “free spirit” is a person who thinks and acts without worrying about social conformities. Often, it’s writers and artists who are free spirits. 

Historic Uses of “Free Spirit” 

How has the idiom free spirit been used in a complete sentence?

It has been said that the Chinese writer Zhang Chao “remained a free spirit in his inner heart.”  

Nietzsche, the philosopher, described free spirits as those who have unbound themselves from dogmatism (principles laid down by an authority)  and transcended (surpassed) the need for objective (verifiable) truth. 

In the manga series Imadoki, it’s said that Youji Kugyo “is a free spirit and runs away from the pressures of his high-status family to become a photographer.”

There are many other famous examples of the idiom “free spirit” in literature and art. The Freedom Forum, a nonprofit organization that runs the First Amendment Center and the Newseum Institute at Vanderbilt University, uses this slogan: “Free press, free speech, and free spirit.” 

Examples of the idiom free spirit

  1. Carlos is a free spirit and would be unsuited to be part of our team. 
  2. If you feel like a free spirit and want to express yourself through music, the studio is waiting for you. 
  3. My cousin is known to be a free spirit and a sensitive soul.

Let’s practice 

Q1:  Try making your own sentence.

Q2:  Would you consider yourself a free spirit?  Why or why not? 

Q3: In your opinion, is being a free spirit a good or bad quality of a person? Explain your answer.

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