Eigooo! Recommended Challenge Themes -Getting started with work edition-

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Eigooo! allows you to use and learn English through one-on-one chat conversations with foreign teachers. In other words, it’s an English chatting service where you can learn English in a practical way.

There are two main types of chat: Free Talk and Challenges.

In Free Talk, you can enjoy conversing with a teacher without having to choose a specific theme.

On the other hand, Challenges allow you to properly learn English suited for various situations, with corrections from your teacher.

In this article, we will introduce some of our recommended work-related Challenge topics.

We asked Clarissa sensei about important work-related Challenges!

“There are so many Challenges on Eigooo! that it’s hard to know where to start.”

We’re sure there are many people who have this difficulty.

So, we asked Clarissa sensei to give us a list of work-related challenges that could be used at the beginning of a career.

We’re sure there are many Eigooo! users who use English at work.

Work-related Challenges allow you to practice highly practical themes and vocabulary.

Moreover, since you will be using natural, work-related English during the Challenge, you will also be able to learn other work-related expressions, words, and phrases in addition to the Challenge theme.

Try out Clarissa sensei’s carefully selected Challenges.

Clicking the link button will take you to the start of the Challenge! Instantly!.

※The links are only supported on iOS.

1.Job Interview

The first one we would like to introduce is “Job Interview,” a role-play type challenge.

Since this is a role-playing challenge, the difficulty level is relatively high.

In this Challenge, the teacher plays the role of an interviewer in a simulated job interview. Through the simulated experience of a job interview, students are trained to give appropriate responses when the interview actually happens.

This is recommended for those who are preparing for an interview in English.

Also, in this global era, you never know when you might have to take an interview in English, so it might be a good idea to try it out.

You may even be asked questions from a different perspective than that of an interviewer from your country.

Furthermore, after the role-play, it might also be interesting to ask the teachers about the job hunting scene in their home countries.

First, let’s try the Challenge.

You can start directly from the link below.

2.Work-Life Balance

The second challenge we would like to introduce is the “Work-Life Balance” Challenge, which is a theme-based challenge.

The difficulty level of this challenge is intermediate because it is theme-based and requires you to be flexible with your answers.

Here, you will be asked about your thoughts on work-life balance and about how it actually is.

In recent years, the topic of work-life balance has been attracting a lot of attention around the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many people work, and we believe that many people have been made to rethink how to balance work and personal life.

We also believe that it is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a new job.

It might help you broaden your horizons if you listen to the opinions of teachers regarding what work-life balance means to people in other countries and to what extent it is actually achieved.

Please ask them how people from all over the world balance their work and personal life.

3.Part-Time Jobs

The third challenge we recommend is “Part-Time Jobs” which is also a theme-based challenge.

Since this is also a theme-based challenge, it is a bit more difficult and is at an intermediate level.

In recent years, there have not only been full-time jobs, but also internships, temporary jobs, and many other types of work.

So you can ask about the differences between your country’s employment practices and those of other countries, and exchange ideas with your teacher about what a typical part-time job is like.

Also, if you have any other unusual part-time experiences, please share them with your teachers.


The fourth recommended TOEIC word Challenge is “Brainstorm”.

The difficulty of this word is at the beginner level, with a TOEIC score of 225 or higher.

Brainstorm is a method used in meetings where several people get together to exchange ideas and identify issues.

We’re sure many people would have heard of this word, but it’s a vague word that you may or may not understand.

So we think it would be a good idea to do the Challenge once in order to become familiar with it.

Please give it a try.


The last Challenge we would like to recommend is “Strive”, which is another TOEIC word-type Challenge.

The difficulty level of this word is intermediate, with a TOEIC score of 785 or higher.

Strive is a word that is often used in business situations rather than in daily life. It is used to describe a desperate effort to achieve a team objective.

Striving is also important when you are just starting out in your job.

Through this Challenge, you can master the use of the word “Strive” and use it to show your motivation in conversation.


There are many other work-related words and themes in addition to the Challenge themes recommended by Clarissa sensei.

Please check them out.

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