Determiners and Plural and Uncountable Nouns

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It’s a fact, some things are countable, and some are not. Uncountable Nouns are objects or ideas that can’t be divided into parts. 

Today, we are discussing Plural Uncountable Nouns. Those many indivisible objects or ideas that don’t have a singular form. 

Water is an example of a plural Uncountable Noun. Although it takes any form and its volume can be measured, the number of waters in a vase is illogical and unknowable, it’s neither plural nor singular. Other examples are groceries, snow, music, etc

Most often, plural Uncountable Nouns are emotions or abstract concepts like success, joy, or behavior, but there’s plenty of physical objects that fall into this category like coffee. 

Do I always need to use a Determiner with uncounted nouns? Do I use the word “the” with words like coffee and joy?

At times, no Determiner is used with Uncounted Nouns. Simply put, a Determiner like “a,” “an”, or “the” isn’t used. For example:

“I can’t drink water.” 

“You can’t eat snow.”

“I feel joyous.” 

In these sentences, a Determiner isn’t applied. 

What Determiners can I use with plural Uncountable Nouns? How do I express the feeling of an abundance of an uncounted Noun?

There are two Determiners used with Uncountable Nouns: “all” and “enough.” For example, you may encounter a native English speaker saying, “I have enough joy in my life,” or, “All music is enjoyable.”

Examples of uncounted Nouns

Paul has enough experience riding horses. 

Martha gave up all hope of winning. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try making your own sentence. 

Q2: If you had enough support, would you consider starting up your own business? Explain.

Q3: How often does your family buy groceries? Where do you buy them?

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