Know more about Dependent Clause- Meaning with examples

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Meaning of Dependent Clause

An Independent Clause expresses a complete thought. But, a Dependent Clause, also known as a Subordinate Clause, gives a partial thought, it cannot exist on its own as a sentence. It must be combined with one or more Independent Clauses to form a complete idea. 

When there’s enough snow, we’ll make snowballs.

For example, the sentence:

 “When there’s enough snow, we’ll make snowballs,” 

contains both an Independent and Dependent Clause. 

The clause “when there’s enough snow” is dependent. It can’t exist on its own. The phrase lacks an Object (in regards to SVO). However, “we’ll make snowballs” is a complete thought and can exist as a sentence. 

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A Bit of Grammar

How can I identify an Independent Clause?

Here’s how you might identify an Independent Clause, it can be removed from a longer sentence and placed somewhere else. For instance, you may place the Independent Clause “we’ll make snowballs” in this dialogue. 

“What do you guys plan to do now?”

“We’ll make  snowballs.” 

It functions in this sentence because it’s an Independent Clause. 

Other Independent Clauses will function in the same manner. For example, “After it snows, I will make a snowman” contains two clauses, Independent and Dependent. The Independent Clause, “I will make a snowman” can function on its own or in another dialogue. Here’s how it works:

“What will you do tomorrow?” 

“I will make a snowman.” 

Examples of Dependent Clause

  • Because I love him.
  • Zeus will go to the mall after eating lunch. (dependent clause – after eating lunch)
  • Although it was difficult, the students kept on studying the language. (dependent clause – although it was difficult) 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Which part of this sentence is the Dependent Clause?

You should review the email first before sending it. (Answer: before sending it.)

Q2: Give an example of a Dependent Clause. 

Q3: When you arrive at your travel destination, what is the first thing that you do and why? 

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