Correct use of the place preposition “between” in a full sentence

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The place preposition “between” is used in expressing the location of a particular item. This item has something on both sides of it. For example, I’m sitting between Debbie and Janet. By saying this, you are telling the listeners that Debbie is on one side and Janet is on the other side of you.

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Another example, I am between jobs. By saying this, the speaker is telling the listener that they had a job,  they don’t currently have one, but will have a job in the near future. 

How to use the place preposition “between” in a full sentence

Simply put, “between” is used to describe an object that has other objects on both sides of it. Imagine books on a shelf, if there are 3 books, one of them is between the other two.

Here are a few examples commonly used in English: 

It’s not wise to eat between meals. 

One must choose between work and play. 

At lunch, I sat between two friends. 

Keep the secret between us. 

Remember, English uses 150 prepositions, but, don’t let this fact frighten you, learning a few common phrases, such as in, on, between, above, under, and besides will make you sound like a native English speaker. 

Examples of the place preposition “between”

Hungary is located between Romania and Austria. 

The teacher asked Sachi to sit between Tama and Nachi. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: Try and make your own sentence.

Q2: Is there anything between your house and your neighbor’s house? 

Q3: Do you like to sit in between your friends while watching a movie? Why or why not? 

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