Correct use of the article “the” in a full sentence

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The article “the” is used before any singular or plural uncounted noun with a known identity. 

For example, I like the car. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that you’re speaking of a specific car. 

Additionally, you could say, I like the car that is automatic. By saying this, you’re telling the listener that you’re speaking about a specific automatic car.

Remember, by adding an ‘s’ to the end of a noun, the noun becomes plural.

When should I use the article “the”

The article “the” is a definite article. It refers to an uncounted noun of known identity. For example, the car is blue.

The articles “the” and counted nouns

The article “the” can’t be used with counted nouns. For example, I see three cars. In this sentence, the plural noun “cars” is counted. There are three of them. In this case, the word “the” is not used. 

Sentences without an article

The article “the” isn’t always used before a noun. The article “the” is never placed before an Abstract Noun. For example, ‘We want peace’. 

Remember, any idea, emotion, or thing you can’t physically see, taste, hear, smell or touch is called an Abstract Noun.


The situation seemed bleak.

Peace is what we need. 

Let’s practice 

Q1: ___ love is the greatest gift of all.

Answer: no article

Q2: He gave me _____book he was holding

Answer: the

Q3: Make your own sentence & drop it in the comments 

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