Color Idioms: 6 color idioms frequently used by native English speakers

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There are some common color idioms used frequently by native English speakers. Here is a list of the 6 most popular color idioms to make you sound native in English.

6 Popular color idioms: Meaning with examples

1. Red Tape: To do something with excessive formality and rules, before any official action.

  • Example 1: Immigration and getting a visa to Canada involves a lot of red tapes.
  • Example 2: The government involves unnecessary red tape in approving official documents when applying for a passport.

2. Black and white: To judge everything as either one way or the other, good or bad. 

  • Example 1: The boss evaluates the performance of the team in black and white, he does not allow space for excuses.
  • Example 2: She saw everything in black and white when it came to her children’s faults.

3. Golden opportunity: It is an opportunity or chance to succeed in something, without losing an opportunity.

  • Example 1: The team did not want to miss the golden opportunity of participating in the state football match.
  • Example 2: She grabbed on to the free pass for the concert considering it to be a golden opportunity to meet her favorite artist.

4. Catch red-handed: To catch someone in an act of deceit or robbery.

  • Example 1: The thief was caught red-handed when he tried to sneak out through the window.
  • Example 2: Roy was caught red-handed while stealing office supplies.

5. Once in a blue moon: Very rare, something that does not happen occasionally.

  • Example 1: Claire attended a live concert once in a blue moon only when she had her favorite artist performing in her city.
  • Example 2: He visited his parents once in a blue moon, due to the differences they had years ago.

6. Blackout: To Faint, lose consciousness. A period when total lights are put off for temporary reasons.

  • Example 1: She had a blackout after the car accident.
  • Example 2: The city underwent a power blackout after the severe cyclone attack.

Rainbow (color)Idioms: Meaning with examples

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