Verb Tenses: How to use them with examples.

Tenses: Types, meaning and examples

Verbs come in three tenses: past, present, and future, They are further subdivided into 12 categories.

What are the 12 Tenses in English and why are they important?

Verb tenses in English are broadly divided into the past, present, and future. In English grammar, tenses are used to indicate when an action happened and if it is still going on or finished. The tense of a verb is used to refer to time while communicating in English.

There are 12 tenses in the English language. Namely:

  1. Simple present
  2. Present continuous
  3. Present perfect
  4. Present perfect continuous
  5. Simple past
  6. Past continuous
  7. Past perfect
  8. Past perfect continuous
  9. Simple future
  10. Future continuous
  11. Future perfect
  12. Future perfect continuous

Nouns: Abstract noun and Collective noun with examples

What is a Noun?

A noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. When we specify who or what we are particularly speaking of for the listener to be able to relate to, that’s called a noun.

Types of Nouns with examples

Types of NounsDefinition Examples
Proper NounName of a person, a place, an animal, or thing. Max, Burj Khalifa, October.
Common NounName of a class or section of people, animals, or things.Teacher, Doctor, Tiger.
Abstract NounThese are feelings, quality or characteristics, ideas, or state of being.Happy, anger, honest, rich.
Collective Noun Denotes a group of nouns or a set of things. They are a group of common nouns and can be counted. Shoal of fish, Swarm of bees, pack of wolves.

How can we identify the type of Noun?

There are 4 main types of nouns to identify:

  • Proper Noun: Proper nouns is the name of a person or of something you specifically imply. It is the name of a person, place, animal, or thing.
    Examples: Wall Street Journal, Albert Einstein, London, Monday, etc.
  • Common Noun: It refers to the name of a class or section of people, animals, or things.
    Examples: Teacher, Nurse, Street, Post office, Table, Bench, etc.
  • Abstract Noun: They are nouns used to define anything that cannot be seen, touched, or sensed by any of our senses. An idea, a state of being, a feeling, a quality, or a characteristic quality can be termed abstract nouns.
    For example, you can be sad, and feel the emotion, but not touch it, smell it, taste it, or even see it, but you do know it exists within you.
  • Collective Noun: Nouns that are considered to be a group of nouns or a set of things, people, animals, emotions, or concepts considered as a single whole. They are a group of common nouns and can be counted. 
    For example, a banana is a common noun, the collective noun for it
    will be a bunch of bananas/hand of bananas.

Practice writing in English- Top 10 tips for beginners!

Writing in English is an incredible skill one can possess. It feels super powerful if you can write well in English. With our writing, we can convince, persuade or even bring business to our organization. Having said that, it could be a challenge for beginners to write perfectly in English. I would share the top 10 tips and tricks for beginners to be able to write as perfectly as a native writer in English.

Why is Writing in English so important?

English writing skills are obviously important for beginners. We all look for English lessons for beginners or search for classes or lessons to learn writing. Be it writing in English for article writing, writing a speech,  Letter writing, Diary writing, writing for exams as IELTS or TOEFL. For those of you who wish to study abroad or apply for that dream job, your writing skill makes you stand out from the rest. Writing is the first thing that your future employer sees about you, be it through your CV or the cover letter you attach along with it. Writing is a skill that cannot be ignored. Whatever the reason, you probably need to improve your English Writing Skills.

Top 10 tips to follow as a beginner in English writing

Now that you know the importance of writing in English. what can you do to improve in writing? Practicing in English is a surefire way to improve your English writing skills. Here I share the top 10 English writing tips for beginners to help you improve your writing! 📝⚡️

So let’s get started!


Top 20 English YouTube Channels to follow to improve Spoken English in 2021!

English has emerged as the global language, with everyone trying to learn English as a native English speaker. SNS such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc has become the most frequently visited websites by English learners. Learning comes best when we are not aware of the process of learning, for instance, we learn best when we watch an English movie, a Video, or even when we read a few pages before sleeping.  In fact, right now, while you are reading this blog, you are learning English.

In this article, I will introduce 20 Vloggers active on YouTube with great English learning Videos, with millions of people following them and learning through their channels.

Top 20 English YouTube Learning Channels

Survey date: January to June 2021

Survey method

At the time of the survey, 105 YouTubers were selected with the “English tag” from the google analytics of The YouTube Channel Crawler. After that, English-based YouTubers were extracted from the search results of “YouTube” and “English”, and the top 20 people who seemed to specialize in the English learning system were selected in order of the number of followers from among the whole. 

A few parameters that were also considered while shortlisting the Top English YouTubers were:

  • The highest number of subscribers
  • Well Produced Videos making it easier and fun to watch
  • Great Content
  • Consistent with English learning Videos

≫ inquiries about the ranking of the YouTubers from here.

Rank Top 20 YouTube Influencers Number of Subscribers
1Learn English with EnglishClass101 5.51 million
2Learn English with Ronnie! 4.14 million
3Ethan from learn English with tv series
4.08 million
4 Marina from linguamarina 3.75 million
5 Learn English with Emma
3.64 million
6 Rachel’s English 3.57 million
7 Speak English with Vanessa 3.13 million
8 JamesESL English Lessons
3.20 million
9 ChetChat 2.69 million
10 English Lessons with Adam 2.56 million
11 Learn English with Rebecca.
2.33 million
12 Oxford Online English 2.27 million
13 Daily English Conversation 2.24 million
14 Gabby from Go natural English 2.06 million
15 Easy English
1.67 million
16 AcademicEnglishHelp 1.51 million
17 Learn English with Papa Teach Me
1.39 million
18 AccurateEnglish 1.04 million
19 Keith Speaking Success 809,000
20 Bob The Canadian 717,000

1. Learn English with

Subscribers: 5.51 million

Alisha has great videos on how to speak like a native speaker with a lot of live classes on YouTube. She expresses herself in simple English, with English subtitles. Her videos are known to be very informative, challenging your listening comprehension skills, and will help you progress in your English study. This channel has about 1469 videos on learning English so far, with the most popular video on Learn English in 30 Minutes that has about 19 million views already. Her latest video released on 11th June 2021 on “How to Become Fluent in Speaking English – YouTube” already has about 22,000 views in less than a week.

2. EnglishLessons4U – Learn English with Ronnie!

Subscribers: 4.14 million

Ronnie has a great style of teaching and a sense of humor! Her videos are very clear with a touch of quirkiness that makes them memorable. They are super useful and easy to understand. Her channel has about 242 videos on learning English so far, with the most popular video on Basic English Grammar: Have, Has, Had – YouTube that has about 22 million views already. Her latest video released on 18th May 2021 on “How I remember the spelling of difficult words”  has already been viewed by 168,000 viewers.

3. Ethan from learn English with tv series

Subscribers: 4.08 million

Do you feel it’s difficult to find people to practice your English with and improve your Speaking and Listening skills? Ethan here has developed the RealLife English app, so you can connect with people from all over the world and take your English speaking skills to the next level, while also improving your listening skills with our Podcast lessons with transcripts and definitions, whenever and wherever you want.
The channel has about 404 videos in total, with the most popular video on Sexy English Lesson | Learn English with Friends – YouTube that has about 5.1 million views. The latest video was released on 12th June 2021 on “Learn English with PULP FICTION | John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson & Uma Thurman”  has already been viewed by 21,000 viewers.

4. Marina from linguamarina

Subscribers: 3.75 million

Marina Mogilko, originally from Saint-Petersburg is an entrepreneur and YouTuber. Her videos help to improve her English accent

The channel has about 310 videos in total, with the most popular video on How to speak English fast and understand natives (Part I) that has about 7.8 million views. The video teaches Techniques to sound more native and how to understand native speakers. Her latest video was released on 11th June 2021 on “Stop Saying “I THINK!” Use these alternatives to SOUND LIKE A NATIVE”  has already been viewed by 57,000 viewers.

5. Learn English with Emma

Subscribers: 3.64 million

Emma is TESOL-certified and has taught students from various backgrounds, ages, and levels. From immigrants to international students, private lessons to classrooms, her experiences have been varied and have allowed her to gain insight into the challenges that ESL students face.

The channel has about 189 videos in total, with the most popular video on IELTS Speaking Task 1 – How to get a high score – YouTube that has about 11,000 views. The video teaches you everything you need to get a higher score in Task 1 of the Speaking section of the exam!. Her latest video was released on 10th June 2021 on “How to talk about your boss in English – YouTube”  and has already been viewed by 31,000 viewers.

6. Rachel’s English

Subscribers: 3.57 million

Rachel’s English is your online American English pronunciation resource. All videos have closed captions to help non-native speakers understand. New videos are added every week! So, go ahead and learn about the specific mouth positions for each sound with the Sounds.

The channel has about 800 videos in total, with the most popular video on How to Improve Spoken American English – Sound like a Native Speaker – YouTube that has about 5.2 million views. This video outlines two different exercises (Ben Franklin Exercise and Imitation Exercise) you can do to reduce your accent and improve your pronunciation. Her latest video was released on 8th June 2021 on “English Vocabulary Pizza Party! | Learning Phrases & Idioms with Pizza – YouTube”  has already been viewed by 25,000 viewers.

7. JamesESL English Lesson

Subscribers: 3.20 million

James is positive, loves singing and teaching. He teaches learners how to sound more natural and intelligent. Using these adjectives on the speaking section of IELTS and TOEFL exams will impress your examiner and improve your score. It gives a technique you can use to remember anything!

The channel has about 253 videos in total, with the most popular video on Improve your Vocabulary: Stop saying VERY! – YouTube has about 3.32 million views. This video emphasizes how using the same word, again and again, is boring, which is why native English speakers use a wide variety of vocabulary to express their thoughts and feelings. The latest video was released on 1st June 2021 on “5 questions to get the conversation going!”  has already been viewed by 180,000 viewers.

8. Speak English with Vanessa

Subscribers: 3.13 million

Venessa is full of Positive energy, personality, and always happy, lets you a little inside her life and has great content, always gives in tips and homework in her videos. She teaches to Speak English naturally, confidently, and fluently.

The channel has about 439 videos in total, with the most popular video on “Understand FAST English Conversations [Advanced Listening Lesson]” which has about 7.5 million views. The video teaches you to Listen to a fast English conversation and practice a study method that will help you to understand all native English speakers. Her latest video was released on 11th June 2021 on “5 Secrets to Understanding FAST English”  and has already been viewed by 51,000 viewers.

9. ChetChat

Subscribers: 2.69 million

A focused platform in the education and career space for study tips, learning English, scholarships, study abroad, education, and career advice.

The channel has about 297 videos in total, with the most popular video on Stop Using These Words in Daily English Conversation | Use Alternate English Words | ChetChat – YouTube that has about 9 million views. This video teaches advanced English vocabulary. The latest video was released on 11th June 2021 on “Stop Using ‘YES’ in Daily English Conversation | Use Alternate English Words | ChetChat English”  has already been viewed by 95,000 viewers.

10. English Lessons with Adam

Subscribers: 2.56 million

Adam hails from Toronto, Canada, he has taught, coached, and edited for hundreds of non-native English users for 14 years, in four countries. concentrated on helping people prepare for tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT.

The channel has about 174 videos in total, with the most popular video on How to increase your vocabulary that has about 7.01 million views. This video teaches some great tips for remembering your vocabulary and learning new words. This lesson will show you how to learn more than one new word at a time and how to practice learning and remembering words that will improve all areas of your English quickly. The latest video was released on 25th May 2021 on “12 Common English Expressions for Work”  and has already been viewed by 46,000 viewers.

11. Learn English with Rebecca

Subscribers: 2.33 million

Rebecca is from the United States. Her English lessons, shortcuts, and tips can help you achieve your goals. Her style of explaining concepts is brilliant. Directly starts her classes and keeps them short and to the point.

The channel has about 270 videos in total, with the most popular video on 8 Common Grammar Mistakes in English! – YouTube has about 10 million views. The latest video was released on 7th June 2021 on “PREPOSITIONS IN ENGLISH: work in, as, from, for, at, on…”  has already been viewed by 55,000 viewers.

12. Oxford Online English

Subscribers: 2.27 million

Oxford Online English is an online English school with many teachers online offering premium-quality online English lessons to suit your needs. great videos on Stress syllables and pronunciations. With Live lessons every Wednesday and Thursdays.

The channel has about 191 videos in total, with the most popular video on Speak English Fluently – 5 Steps to Improve Your English Fluency – YouTube that has about 5.66 million views. This video teaches about fluency and what you can do to change this situation and improve English fluency. The latest video was released on 3rd June 2021 on “Adjectives and Adverbs in English”  and has already been viewed by 25,000 viewers.

13. Daily English Conversations

Subscribers: 2.24 million

This channel hosts free English vocabulary Videos, English grammar Videos, English exercises, and English lessons. Thousands of English Videos are waiting for you. They will help you learn English. You’ll also see lessons for English speaking practice, tenses in English grammar with examples.

The channel has about 300 videos in total, with the most popular video on Speaking English Practice Conversation | Questions and Answers English Conversation With Subtitle – YouTube that has about 15 million views. This video teaches some great tips on speaking English with conversation practice, Questions and answers in English conversation, and has English speaking lessons with subtitles. The latest video was released on 11th May 2021 on “Daily Conversations in English for Speaking & Listening Practice | English Conversation Practice – YouTube”  has already been viewed by 95,000 viewers.

14. Gabby from Go natural English

Subscribers: 2.06 million

Here you’ll learn English the Go Natural English way – with advice to help you speak English like a native, with real English conversation and listening practice. Here you’ll finally learn American English with a focus on English speaking skills. Unlock the English-speaking world and finally understand English conversation.

The channel has about 601 videos in total, with the most popular video on 9 Ways to Think in English and Stop Translating in Your Head | Go Natural English – YouTube that has about 11 million views. This video teaches you to think in English. Stop translating in your head and speak fluent, natural English without hesitation. The latest video was released on 11th June 2021 on “Can you say these difficult words? – YouTube”  has already been viewed by 11,000 viewers.

15. Easy English

Subscribers: 1.67 million

This channel uses animated Videos. The videos contain lots of conversations on various topics that will help you improve your English vocabulary and spoken English. You can also learn grammar in a fun way, easy to understand by almost anyone! The English level used in our videos ranges from beginner to upper-intermediate. Learn English in an entertaining way!

The channel has about 95 videos in total, with the most popular video on School Conversation, School Dialogue – YouTube that has about 10 million views. This video shares great tools for beginners to learn new English words., and it’s great for improving vocabulary. The latest video was released on 9th June 2021 on “Daily English Conversations 3″  has already been viewed by 56,000 viewers.


Subscribers: 1.51 million

IELTS and English help by is dedicated to offering useful videos to help with exams to get band 7 and more.

The channel has about 627 videos in total, with the most popular video on IELTS Speaking Interview – Practice for a Score 7 – YouTube that has about 10 million views. This series will teach you the skills that will help you to be successful, confident and to reach success on these questions during the speaking interview. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to practice. The latest video was released on 12th June 2021 on “IELTS Live – Speaking Part 3 – Expert Answers”  has already been viewed by 7, 500 viewers.

17. Learn English with Papa Teach Me

Subscribers: 1.39 million

Learn English with Aly from Papa Teach Me. He has a speaking club to practice speaking, with  a great sense of Humour

The channel has about 400 videos in total, with the most popular video on Learn the Cockney accent with Jason Statham – YouTube that has about 4.5 million views. This video teaches a Cockney accent or how to speak like a true Londoner. The latest video was released on 27th May 2021 on “Do you EVEN understand EVEN?”  has already been viewed by 22,000 viewers.

18. AccurateEnglish

Subscribers: 1.04 million

Lisa Mojsin is the director of Accurate English in Los Angeles. She teaches accent reduction and American pronunciation to non-native speakers. She works with professionals and actors in LA. very beneficial, especially for people who already know some things but need to advance them.

The channel has about 125 videos in total, with the most popular video on Ten Advanced English Words for More Fluent Speech – YouTube that has about 5.5 million views. This video will teach you ten advanced English words that you can use to sound more fluent. Avoid using the word “very” when speaking English. Also, practice linking, which is connecting words together, by using these new words in sentences. The latest video was released on 13th June 2021 on “More advanced English with a native speaker in Los Angeles. Grammar and idioms with Megan. (part 2) – YouTube”  has already been viewed by 55,000 viewers.

19. Keith Speaking Success

Subscribers: 809,000

English Speaking Success is designed to help you speak better English, give better answers, and get a higher score on the IELTS Speaking test.  It has IELTS Speaking TIPS, RESOURCES, LESSONS, and Sample answers. It is run by Keith O’Hare, owner of the Keith Speaking Academy with live classes every Thursdays

The channel has about 198 videos in total, with the most popular video on IELTS Speaking: How to Introduce Yourself – Tips and Tricks – YouTube that has about 3 million views. This video teaches how to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking part 1, including giving your name, talking about your home, hometown, work, or studies. There are lots of tips and tricks about making this part of the test work for you. The latest video was released on 12th June 2021 on “Speak English Like a Native Speaker in 20 Minutes – YouTube”  and has already been viewed by 31,000 viewers.

20. Bob The Canadian

Subscribers: 717,000

Bob is a great teacher who will help you learn how to speak English fluently and with confidence. His videos help understand and pronounce common English phrases, as well as videos that are just meant to encourage you in your journey towards learning English.

The channel has about 466 videos in total, with the most popular video on How to Order Food at a Restaurant in English – YouTube that has about 1.4 million views. Do you want to learn how to order food at a restaurant in English? In this English video lesson, Bob takes you to 4 restaurants and helps you learn 4 different ways to order food in English.

 The latest video was released on 13th June 2021 on “Let’s Learn English! Topic: Dream Jobs! 👩🏽‍🚀👨‍🍳👩‍⚕️ (Lesson Only)” has already been viewed by 2,200 viewers.

Eigooo recommends practice with professional instructors

At Eigooo, you can immediately correct chat with a professional instructor anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day. If you input English expressions and phrases on Youtube and output them in English conversation chat, it is recommended because you can learn English conversation useful for practice. It is best to put your learning into practice!

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Top 10 Ways To Improve Writing Skills In English

Writing in English can be both a desire and a want too. In a fast-paced world, just having technical skills is no longer enough. If you need to be competitive and be able to go beyond your limitations, writing in English is an essential skill to master over. There are many reasons why you must consider practicing your English writing skills over Spoken English.

7 Important reasons for writing in English

Writing Skill has been widely considered as an essential skill to master be it by students or professionals, or in learning English as a Second Language (ESL) as it is a skill that helps perfect vocabulary, grammar, present ideas, thoughts, or edit, revise, etc. It is a skill globally recognized and widely incorporated in all our communications done internationally. Here are a few reasons why you must consider enhancing your English writing skills:

1. Email writing

We all have email addresses. Emailing has been an important mode of communication on the internet for decades. Being able to write is important for you to be able to express your thoughts in a manner that can be understood clearly by the reader. It helps you apply for jobs or in making friends, write to family, and apply for a university. Not being able to write well in English can be a hindrance to any of these activities. Both formal and informal emails will always require clear writing.

2. Letter Writing

Letter writing has always been the need of the hour when it comes to connecting with someone far from you, with the world shifting to writing a letter online, be it personal or business letters, enhanced writing skills are the only skill that would help you at letter writing. As opposed to talking on the phone, letter writing is more advanced that would require you to think and express your thoughts with clarity.

3. Paragraph writing

Good writing skills are the handiest skill a student must possess.  Every student as they level up has to write in English during the days of educating themselves, be it in school as a summary writing, paragraph writing, essays, or even precis writing. A student in a college or a university would need to work on a thesis, articles, or writing research papers. Writing skills is one of the most important skills that is tested time and again in almost all exams a student undergoes.

4.Diary Writing

Let’s consider our love for writing personal diaries. We all love to write aimlessly about ourselves, how would we do that with poor writing skills? It is a hindrance with a lot of times when one is unable to express their exact thoughts in writing, we tend to give up on the desire to write. Practicing our writing skills is crucial to expressing our thoughts.

5. Writing blogs/Journals

Every blogger is not someone who has done their master in the English language, they are common people like you and me who know how to express their thoughts in a way that the reader can understand. Writing is the only skill that they master.

6. Applying to a University

Applying to the most desired university is no longer simple. Other than undergoing tests and exams, being able to write a resume, along with a covering letter is crucial. Correct grammar, punctuations, spellings are the key in written communications. It is easier to form a good impression through writing than by talking.

7. Applying for the perfect Job/ Getting more clients

At one time or the other, most of us need to write a job application or reply to an email sent by a client if we already are well placed. Having a great conversation with an interviewer or a client, but not being able to send a well-drafted email, would undo all the efforts and set a poor impression in the client’s mind. Spoken English is necessary, but considering most of your continuous conversations are being written, mastering written skills is equally important to spoken English.

Top 10 ways to improve writing skills in English

Now that we know how crucial writing skills are as a form of communication. Here are the top 10 ways to improve your writing skills.

1. Write daily to become better

For a beginner, it can be hard to understand where to get started in improving writing skills. Writing enhancement can be tricky unless and until you practice it regularly. When it comes to writing you must be practicing it daily. Start small, practice writing a paragraph or answer emails every day.

2. Consider the reader’s mindset while writing

Writing in a language your reader can understand is important. Know what is relevant and interesting, stick to the topic you wish to write on. Being clear on your thoughts is one way of writing it too. Make your writing easy to understand and avoid using fillers.

3. Make an outline before you start

Writing in any form, be it a formal email, letter writing, or even writing an essay or a blog on any topic, needs to be systematic. A professional writer would always work on an outline first, before starting to write. That helps one to stay focussed on the topic and write crisply. Always work on the topic, title, and key points you wish to include in your writing.

4. Write the way you think

It is good to read what others write but copy-pasting what others write is plagiarism, that is a poor show of your writing skills. Be original! Write all that comes to your mind, edit it later, but write what you can think of and not what others thought of.

5. Keep it simple and clear

We all love our writings to be superior in quality and have love to show our knowledge in English by the vocabulary we use in our writings. Consider reading an article with words that you hardly understand, you would soon lose interest in reading it. That’s how your readers would react to your writing if all that you use is complex vocabulary. Good writing is not a usage of difficult vocabulary only, it is all about how it manages to have readers enjoy reading what you write. Keep it simple, and allow your readers to enjoy what you write!

6. Brush up on the basics

Even fluent writers in English love brushing up their knowledge of Basic English grammar. Sentence structure, rules of using the right grammar, and punctuation is a great way to brush up on the basics of writing. Click here to know more about sentence structure and basic grammar rules. 

7. Use an editing tool

It is great to have a professional tool to check what you write. Most text editors, word processors like google, Microsoft word have a built-in proofing tool that helps to correct basic spelling and grammar. However these tools are not perfect, they fail to highlight many errors and mistakes, teaching you very little on how to eliminate grammar errors.

Grammarly and Hemingway are the most popular professional tools used by almost everyone writing on the internet. They are online editors that can help you improve your writing by identifying specific writing errors, suggesting corrections, and showing different and better ways of framing the same sentence. This helps in understanding different ways of framing your ideas in a written format.

8. Find a writing partner

Practicing your writing skills all by yourself can be a daunting task when you are not sure of the mistakes you make. Having a writing partner in such a case would be a boon to beginners who wish to learn writing. Chatting apps/ Online learning apps that connect you to live teachers is a great way to practice writing as you chat. Eigooo is one such online platform that allows you to chat on any topic with teachers, improving your writing skills with the teachers correcting your errors as you chat with them.

9. Do a final read-through

After writing, even with the editing apps checking for errors, it is recommended you read out what you wrote loud enough as the final test. Some things can be grammatically correct but sound unnatural to the ears. If any part of your writing sounds weird while reading out loud, you could rephrase it for better clarity.

10. Create Templates

If you find yourself writing a similar document repeatedly, such as replying in a set format to business emails or applying to too many universities, it is best to create a template for that document, that would save time and increase efficiency every time you write it. Email templates are widely used and serve as a huge time saver for entrepreneurs who use them.

Conclusion: Master your Writing skills in English

There is always room for improvement when it comes to mastering writing skills. If you are a non-native English speaker, it is best to use a professional editing tool that has your back when it comes to writing. Any investment there is a great investment to learning and for a better future.

Eigooo, the English Training Chat Application

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English Grammar in Use- Importance of the Basics of English Grammar

The essential use of English Grammar

Having perfect knowledge of the essential English grammar, used to sound fluent in English can be considered a difficult and impossible task to many non-native English speakers. Having said so, learning English is never too difficult if you know how to go about it. It is not a magical trick nor do the native speakers use secret ways to practice fluency in this language. Yes, the native speakers practice too by extensive reading, writing and speaking in English as much as possible.

As the famous English proverb states, “Practice makes a man perfect”. This is a proverb that tells us the importance of continuously practising any subject that we wish to learn perfectly.

As we grow older, we take our understanding and memory for granted, giving very little or no time to practising and then wondering why we do not improve as quickly as the others.

Learning English and being fluent in it wouldn’t be difficult if you knew the basic English grammar rules. Basic English grammar is the solid foundation of English. To learn any skill, learning the basics is important to level up. So is the same in learning English as a language.

Importance of learning the basics of English grammar for beginners

So, has the thought ever struck you as to why should you learn English grammar in the first place? Do native speakers learn and practice the basics? What does Basics have to do with spoken English and writing in English? Well, the answer to all of this is, Yes, even the natives start with learning the basics of grammar. Grammar is important as it helps the learner get perfect and accurate in English.

Top Reasons for English Grammar in Use being essential to effective communication

Grammar is the foundation of the English language. English being a second or a foreign language to many is not acquired naturally. Hence instruction and structured learning are important to be perfect with English. Here are the top 10 reasons why you must consider learning English Grammar in order to be fluent in the language.

1. Ability to communicate clearly in English through writing

Writing skill is a very important skill one must possess to be able to communicate personally and professionally. Perfect grammar is essential when you write in English, be it for a resume to a new job, answering a client’s email, for business purposes or even just writing to your daughter’s school. Writing clearly is essential so that the reader understands exactly what you meant.

2. Ability to communicate clearly while speaking

Grammar is essential to any language. If your grammar is incorrect, the language you speak would be unclear and it would sound meaningless to the listener.

3. Written grammar skills essential for students

Imagine working on a thesis or an article in English, imagine your teacher asking you to write in English. Having a library of words but not knowing how to put them together in a proper sentence, can be quite frustrating. Grammar helps you put words together to form a sentence in the right way.

4. Important professionally

With the growing market and the level of competition increasing in every profession. Working knowledge of English is a skill one cannot afford to miss. Mastery over English gives you an upper hand over those you compete with.

5. Bridge of understanding between the speaker and the listener

Grammar plays a vital role as a bridge of understanding between the speaker and the listener or the sender and the receiver. Be it through writing or speaking, the use of wrong grammar can always lead to unclear messages and instructions. For example: “Let’s eat, my child” it is easily understood you are inviting your child to eat their supper. Consider writing the same without proper punctuations. “Let’s eat my child” This would give out the wrong meaning of you wanting to eat your child!

6. Get the perfect Job you aspired for

Having the technical skills for a job is great, but not being able to show it out on your resume will not give you that perfect job that you aspire for. The way you write your resume would give the recruiters a glimpse of you! So writing well is important to be able to present yourself before the recruiter.

7. Work with International clients

Working among our known ones is not very difficult as we use our local languages, but working internationally, and a growing business will always involve clients from other countries. English is the primary language that binds most countries together be it in business or education.

8. Social Life, chatting and social media

Communication is an important skill that can be learned. We must learn how to communicate to be able to express ourselves in a successful manner. It can be easier when we communicate with people face to face as it involves facial expression, making it easier to understand what the speaker is trying to say. However, it is not the case when we chat with our friends or on social media.

9. Gain respect and become a figure of authority

Everyone likes being respected and adored by others. People who can speak perfect English are respected, and gain authority in many situations when compared to those who have lesser or no knowledge of English. Grammar helps you write perfectly, which is usually envied by many who lack the skill.

10. Get an edge over competitors

Everyone knows popularity is important to any profession. The more skills you possess the better edge you have over your competitors, In today’s world knowledge of English is a skill everyone seeks to master!

Market Statistics: How many people Speak and are learning to speak English around the world?

It is proven that the knowledge of grammar enhances all the four important skills one must possess, which is writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. Non-native English speakers are well aware of this.

There are 1.5 billion English-language learners worldwide according to the statistics of the British council. The company is one of the largest providers of English language instruction in the world with more than 3,000 full-time English teachers globally.

The EF EPI English Proficiency Index compiles exam results annually from hundreds of thousands of adults in 80 countries across the world and it ranks countries based on their English skills. About 840 million people worldwide can speak English, the largest number when compared to any other language spoken on the planet.

Many countries have English designated as the de jure official language, meaning it is legally recognized as the official language. In some cases, English may be the official language but may not be the primary language. This means that English can be used in business, education, and official documents but may not be the majority of its residents’ primary language. This is the case for nations like India and Pakistan

There are also nations where English is a de facto national language, meaning that it exists in reality and is practised, even though it is not officially recognized by law. For example, the United States has no official language at the federal level, even though English is the most commonly spoken language.

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Essentials of English Grammar. Lessons to learn from.

Click on the important grammar lessons to learn and be perfect while communicating in English

English Grammar in Use- Basic Grammar rules

Making sentences and knowing the essentials of English grammar in use is not only important, it’s also the easiest way to be fluent in English. It makes reading and writing in English simpler.  The first rule to understanding Basic English grammar is understanding the foundation of English or the grammatical sentence structure well. Understanding the foundation of English grammar helps in writing simple sentences perfectly and improves your English communication be it written or in spoken English.

Basic grammatical sentence structure to keep in mind as a beginner

Sentence building or construction is something that needs to be learned at the beginning of learning English grammar. It forms the fundamentals of English grammar.

A good sentence must always have a subject and predicate. Example: Lara plays video games (“Lara” is the subject. The noun is always the subject. “Plays video games” is the predicate)

Types of Sentence structure

There are 4 important types of sentence structures to be kept in mind while making sentences:

1. The Simple sentence

A simple sentence would have only one independent clause in it. (An independent clause is a sentence that has just a subject and a verb within it. It always expresses a complete thought) 

Example: I like playing the guitar.

2. The Compound sentence

A compound sentence is a sentence when two or more independent clauses are put together by using a conjunction or semicolon in the sentence. 

Example: I like playing the guitar but Meena likes playing the piano.

3. The Complex sentence

These kinds of sentences have an independent clause along with a dependant clause in the sentence (A dependant clause is a clause that has a subject and a verb but cannot express a complete thought on its own)

Example: My dog barks when he is hungry.

4. The compound-complex sentence

A compound-complex sentence has at least 2 independent clauses and one dependent clause within a single sentence.

Example: Sally did not attend the party because she was ill so Susan was disappointed.

Top 15 English grammar rules to keep in mind while making English sentences

Rules are meant to be broken! Well said, but grammar rules are best to be followed, for you to be precise and fluent in English. Here are the top 15 rules that you would prefer to follow rather than breaking as they form the ground rules to English grammar.

Make sentence rules

Making simple sentences perfectly is important, for the reader to understand the thoughts of the writer. This makes it even more important for both to know and follow the same grammar rules while conversing in English. Simple rules to follow while conversing in English:

1. A sentence is considered complete only when it has a noun and a verb in it. Example: Birds are flying.

2. The order of a basic sentence should be Subject-verb-object. Example: Lara loves football.

3. A proper noun always begins with a capital letter. Example: Mary, London, etc.

4. Always have the subject and verb in the same number agreement. If a subject is singular, the verb must also be singular; if a subject is plural its verb must also be plural.
Example: A cat is sleeping on the grass / Two cats are sleeping on the grass.

5. The words “your” and “you’re” are two different words with different meanings

Sentence Structure rules

A sentence structure makes it easier to make perfect sentences in English, follow these rules to be perfect at sentence building.

6. Use an Active voice preferably a passive voice in sentences. Example: I practice the piano every day.

7 . While speaking of Habitual actions, use the simple present tense. Example: David likes exercising.

8. Use Adjectives before a noun. Example: She is a charming girl.

9. Use the indefinite article a/an for countable nouns and use the definite article “the” for specific countable nouns and all uncountable nouns. Example: I ate an apple /  She had a book.

10. Add “ed” to words to regular verbs to describe past tense. Example Walk + ed = walked, Jump + ed = jumped.

11. Use a conjunction to join two sentences together. Example: Lara did not go to school as she was unwell.

Punctuation Rules

We can write the perfect sentence, but placing the wrong punctuation marks is one easy way for being mistaken by your readers reading your sentence. Punctuation rules to follow to be able to express your thoughts and it’s intensity perfectly.

12. The apostrophe is a punctuation mark placed where a letter or letters has been removed from any word. Example: You are = You’re, I am = I’m.

13. Always start a sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Example: Mary had a lamb.

14. Always use an apostrophe to show the possession or owner of an object. To show possession with a singular noun, add an apostrophe plus the letter ‘s’. Example: Mary’s lamb. Alice’s watch, etc.

15. Use a comma to connect two ideas into one in a sentence. Example: Rio went shopping, and Brad walked the dog.

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