Eigooo! allows you to use and learn English through one-on-one chat conversations with foreign teachers. In other words, it’s an English chatting service where you can learn English in a practical way.

There are two main types of chat: Free Talk and Challenges.

In Free Talk, you can enjoy conversing with a teacher without having to choose a specific theme.

On the other hand, Challenges allow you to properly learn English suited for various situations, with corrections from your teacher.

In this article, we will introduce some of our recommended work-related Challenge topics.

We asked Clarissa sensei about important work-related Challenges!

“There are so many Challenges on Eigooo! that it’s hard to know where to start.”

We’re sure there are many people who have this difficulty.

So, we asked Clarissa sensei to give us a list of work-related challenges that could be used at the beginning of a career.

We’re sure there are many Eigooo! users who use English at work.

Work-related Challenges allow you to practice highly practical themes and vocabulary.

Moreover, since you will be using natural, work-related English during the Challenge, you will also be able to learn other work-related expressions, words, and phrases in addition to the Challenge theme.

Try out Clarissa sensei’s carefully selected Challenges.

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