Abstract Nouns and Collective Nouns

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Abstract Nouns and Collective Nouns

Remember that Nouns are words referring to people,
animals, places, things, or ideas.

Every noun has different

How can we identify the type of a Noun?

Few types of Nouns are:
Abstract Noun, Collective Noun, etc

Abstract Nouns

Any ideas, emotions, and other “things” you can’t physically see, taste,
hear, smell or touch is called Abstract Noun.


Any number of people or
things or group and collections are known as Collective Noun.


Abstract nouns:

  •        Failure seems to come
    to those who give up easily.
  •        He has too much of love for photography.
  •        He received a warning letter for his misbehavior.

Collective Noun:       

  • I train the class full of smart people.
  • There are 12 face cards in
    pack of 52 cards.
  • Our team plays best when they are motivated.
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